Providing Local Government Power, Access and Trust

OMNIA Partners is the cooperative purchasing organization that is driving excellence in local government procurement. Its unmatched breadth of competitively-solicited contracts from world-class suppliers streamlines the purchasing process and helps local government agencies achieve their strategic goals.  

We provide local governments the power to deliver value to their organizations through access to a competitive procurement process and suppliers they can trust.  

Utilizing the lead public agency contracting model local governments rely upon as best practice, OMNIA Partners brings compliance, maximum value and unparalleled efficiencies to the purchasing process. 

With OMNIA Partners, government agencies can utilize competitively solicited contracts to help save time and resources while still meeting purchasing requirements. All cooperative purchasing contracts from OMNIA Partners have been competitively solicited by a lead public agency and meet our rigorous cooperative standards and supplier commitments. Each supplier pledges to deliver their best overall government pricing so that you can purchase with confidence. 


Our programs deliver savings in time and dollars:

  • No Cost to Participate:  there is no cost to register, no commitments and no minimum orders. 
  • Best Value:  by combining the cooperative purchasing power of 87,000 public agencies, suppliers commit to providing their highest valued programs. 
  • Quality Brands:  we offer thousands of the best products in a wide variety of categories, services and solutions. 
  • Oversight by Public Purchasing Professionals:  third-party audits ensure program pricing commitments are met while we provide ongoing program

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