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Insight Public Sector E-Sports White Paper

Esports for Education

Schools embrace esports as an extension to existing curriculum through the OMNIA Partners cooperative contract

The popularity of esports has inspired many school administrations to reimagine its use as a complement to traditional academic and sporting programs. Schools are seeing the benefits of esports as an engaging and motivating way to teach lessons of all types – from inclusion, collaboration and good sportsmanship to social skills. While administrations may be on board to add esports as an extension to their existing curriculum or program, many remain unsure of how to incorporate it into existing higher education IT infrastructure. By utilizing the OMNIA Partners cooperative contract, school administrators and IT professionals in K-12 and higher education can work with Insight Public Sector to ensure that hardware and software is fit for gaming with ample bandwidth and network security. 

The following whitepaper can serve as a guide for navigating the new world of esports in schools. 




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