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How to Implement a Coronavirus Testing Program

Watch the Fisher Scientific On-Demand Webinar
Introducing ReadyCheckGoTM

Join us for a 20-minute on-demand webinar on Implementing a Coronavirus Testing Program. As students and staff head back to in-person learning, Fisher Scientific shares the benefits of a school testing program as part of your COVID-19 prevention plan.

This webinar will walk you through the current state of the Delta Variant, the benefits of a surveillance program and why they can be cost-efficient, scalable, and easy to implement. You'll learn:

  • Why it's essential to continue testing for coronavirus even if the general population is vaccinated
  • Concerns schools are facing and considerations for a testing program
  • The benefits of implementing the Thermo Fisher Scientific™ ReadyCheckGo™ Testing Program—a comprehensive coronavirus testing program for K–12 schools

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