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Music Chairs

Music Chairs: 

Wenger is the leader in music posture chair design. No matter the need, the level of performance, or size of the musician, Wenger has a chair that is perfect for everyone. Better posture, improved technique, protection for valuable instruments and undisputed value. These are just a few of the attributes that make Wenger the industry leader with regards to music education seating.

  • Nota® Music Posture Chairs
  • Student Music Posture Chairs

Music Stands:

For over 50 years, more music educators and musicians have trusted their music stand needs to Wenger. Elegant in design, sophisticated in appearance and uncompromising in construction, Wenger sheet music and tablet stands deliver the ideal combination of size, balance and functionality. From the rehearsal space to the auditorium, Wenger’s commitment to quality, value and professionalism remains as unwavering as the stands themselves.

  • Bravo™ Music Stand
  • Classic 50® Music Stand 
  • Roughneck™ Music Stand
  • Preface® Music Stand

Music Stand



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