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    Furniture and Installation


    Now, more than ever, it’s so important to have furniture that’s future-proof and can be rearranged to meet the need at any given moment. 

    Mobile furniture on wheels that fit easily through a standard 3 foot doorway ensures you can quickly expand beyond the classroom and into hallways, foyers, and gyms as needed. Quickly stack unneeded tables and chairs out of the way, allowing for easy cleaning of floors and more physical distance between students.

    Physically Distant Classroom Thought Starters

     Watch this short video to see how typical classrooms can transition into physically distant classrooms.

    Meet Stakki: New Indoor & Outdoor Chair

    If your school needs to furnish outdoor spaces to expand your learning environment even more, Stakki can help. Easy to clean and incredibly stable, the Stakki weighs less than 9 pounds, is stackable up to 10, and is available in 18 1/8 inch height. Stakki offers ergonomic comfort whether sitting towards the front, the side, the back, or at an angle. Its basic triangular shape permits space-saving arrangements, which can be helpful as schools work to keep students physically distanced – inside or outside. Meet the new Stakki (www.vsamerica.com/stakki)


    About VS America, Inc.

    VS America, Inc. provides adaptable, ergonomic, and environmentally-friendly educational furniture solutions which allow for the creation of flexible learning environments. VS America originates from a history of ergonomic innovation that dates back to 1898.

    At VS, we believe successful learning should balance the needs of the body, mind, and soul. We always encourage mobility and natural curiosity. VS’ agile products empower students to engage their senses while learning, creating a heightened focus, stronger motivation, and a sense of well-being.

    Agile Spaces

    See how VS furniture easily adapts to fit all learning methods, click on the links below.


    Ergonomic Furniture

    It’s crucial that each and every student has a chair and table which suits their individual height. With ergonomic furniture, students can sit dynamically and experience physical, mental, and developmental benefits. Physical well-being and flexibility help create ideal conditions for authentic learning. VS offers chairs and tables in varying sizes, or that are easily adjusted to the appropriate height, so every student has their perfect fit.


    VS furniture combines a uniquely distinctive design with resilience and durability. Our furniture is fully-assembled in our manufacturing plant so it’s delivered in one piece to the school – ensuring quality control every time.


    VS furniture undergoes extensive testing, ensuring the utmost quality and durability. We go to unusual lengths to design safe furniture that weathers rambunctious students and the test of time.


    For VS, sustainable business practice means always behaving responsibly towards people, the environment, and society. We produce our furniture in an environmentally friendly way, and we are actively committed to greater sustainability.