Office Furniture and Installation

Wood Seating & Casegoods, New Product Offering

Drop Ship List Per OrderSell to end user off list
$1 - $250,00040.0%
$250,001 and above Negotiated

 * The negotiated discount for order above $250,001 list will be more than 40% off list price.

This pricing is based on the price list in effect at the time of order entry.

This pricing incorporates the administrative fee.

Ordering Procedures

Order must be sent to Gunlocke by either the end user or the authorized dealer.  Order must be marked “TCPN” as all sales must be reported to TCPN.  If the order comes to us from a dealer, then a copy of the End User PO must accompany it.  Gunlocke will forward all orders to TCPN for their processing.