HVAC Equipment, Installation, Service and Related Services

Indoor Air Quality

Watery or itchy eyes, weird smells or “black stuff” blowing out of AC registers – these are common complaints in commercial buildings and may be an indication that a building’s HVAC system needs to be properly cleaned. We offer a comprehensive 5-Point program for Indoor Air Quality based on EPA and NADCA ACR-2013 standards. Your facility is safer and more comfortable, while reducing costs. Our services include:

  • Investigation, Assessment and Remediation

  • Robotic Video Inspection

  • HVAC System/Air Duct CleaningRooftop Units

  • Fire, Smoke and Water Remediation for HVAC Systems

  • Internal Duct Sealing to Prevent Air and Energy Loss

  • Drain Pan Refurbishment and Leak Repair

  • Insulation Repair and Replacement

  • Anti-Microbial Prevention Treat and Resurfacing

  • Deep Coil Cleaning and Delta P Reduction

  • Restoration or Refurbishment of HVAC Equipment

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Lorraine Vuong
Cooperative Contracts Coordinator
Phone: O-713-996-2437