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    Separation Systems Consultants, Inc.

    Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Services

    Experienced and Capable

    Separation Systems Consultants, Inc. (SSCI) is a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting, construction and field remediation firm with diverse capabilities and experience. In addition to hands-on field services, SSCI regularly provides scientific and technical advice, project management, expert witness testimony and general management services to government agencies and the private sector, including commercial and industrial clients, banks, attorneys, real estate brokers, land owners/buyers and others.

    Our Sound Solutions Approach

    Founded in 1986, SSCI specializes in enhancing the environment through its sound solutions approach. SSCI follows all regulatory requirements, client/agency guidelines and standard practices. In the real estate segment, the firm has developed a suite of services geared toward developers, investors and property owners that allows projects to move seamlessly from a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment to a signed contract with any necessary investigations and remedial/site closure work being completed in a timely, cost-effective manner. “Getting the job done is priority number one, not prolonging our participation,” Helen I. Hodges, President and CEO.

    SSCI Environmental can help you with:

    • Asbestos Management
    • Backup Generators Systems
    • Compliance, Facility Permitting, Audits
    • Demolition Services
    • Ecological Risk Assessment and Site Classification
    • Engineering and Consulting Services
    • Emergency Response and Debris Removal
    • Energy Audits
    • Fuel Systems, Tank Removal, New Installation
    • Gas Cylinder Management
    • Grease & Septic Clean Out
    • Green and Environmental Certification
    • High Hazards Determination
    • Industrial Cleaning Services
    • Lab Pack Services
    • Laboratory Services
    • Lead Based Paint Management
    • Professional and Technical Training
    • Mold Management
    • Municipal Utility Services
    • Property Condition Assessments
    • Real Property Assessments
    • Risk Based Corrective Action, Remediation, Facility & Site Closure
    • Remediation Services Recycling Services
    • Sampling and Analysis
    • Transportation Services
    • Wetlands and Ecological Consultation
    • Waste Management, Oilfield, and NORM Assessments