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    School Status

    Now you can track ALL systems, from ONE system.

    Most school districts collect several data points, many of which are then 'warehoused' but seldom fully utilized. What if you could actually use your data output to directly input instruction? What if your staff had the ability to quickly and visually assess a student's progress on a daily basis, creating real impact on their day-to-day instructional decisions?

    SchoolStatus encourages active teacher engagement by providing intuitive, beautifully-designed visualizations of a student's data including attendance, discipline, grades, automatically integrated 3rd-party and benchmark assessments, schedules, custom-built reports using SmartTags, geospatial mapping of the results, and all other pieces that together create the whole picture for that student. Never before have educators had this much power at their fingertips in such an easy-to-use resource. And with unlimited training, 24/7 phone support, and live chat interaction, you can feel confident knowing that you have our team behind you every step of the way.

    Lead Initiatives with Confidence

    Understanding the data behind a district initiative can mean the difference between success and underperformance. Using our SmartTag feature, any data points you currently track can be utilized to form a custom-filtered report based on your specific criteria - giving you and your community the assurance that your resources are being put to good use.

    Develop Strategy Based on Data

    Helping each student requires a plan of action, and to develop that plan you need data. And we don't just mean attendance and state assessments - we mean all of it. SchoolStatus provides a single-click search feature to access a full StudentCard overview in seconds. This gives educators the ability to truly See the Whole Student and create a plan unique to each child.

    Master Compliance Using Minimal Clicks

    SchoolStatus takes the burden of data compliance off of your shoulders, and gives educators much-needed time back to do what they do best. With a clear view of where you stand on any given monitored statistic, you will always have access to the data you need in order to master reporting up to the state, your board, or your community.


    Contact Information

    Email: help@schoolstatus.com