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    Safco Products Co.

    Furniture and Installation

    Gone are the days when a single all-purpose workstation met every worker’s needs.  Now it’s about finding the perfect fit between what people do and how they do it.  Safco® supports the individualization of the workplace with a broad range of furniture that accommodates different work practices, social needs and technology demands.  From

    Today’s most productive workplaces operate at the intersection of expression and environment – connecting work to place in ways that boost employee morale and performance.

    Our Products

    • Desks and Storage
    • Seating
    • High Density Storage
    •  Workspaces
    •  Tables
    •  Technology Furniture 
    • Mailroom Furniture
    • Drafting Furniture
    • Lighting
    • Ergonomic and Active Products
    • Waste Receptacles
    • Material Handling

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