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    PSX Inc.

    Security Services (Supplemental)

    Competitively solicited and publicly awarded by: Region 4 Education Service Center
    Contract #R171303

    Product Grid Security

    PSX is a truly unique security systems firm. While many providers can install cameras or access control systems, few are ready for the enterprise, and even fewer are ready to secure the entire property.  PSX begins with the perimeter, and from there interlaces technologies that detect, record and control all pedestrian and vehicle traffic, all the way to the individual office door.

    PSX provides:

    • Perimeter detection systems
    • Vehicle gates
    • Video surveillance
    • Drone defense
    • Crash barriers
    • Lockdown measures
    • Turnstiles and card access systems
    • Intercom and entry phone systems
    • Intrusion detection/burglar alarm equipment and services
    • Artificial intelligence/machine learning systems
    • Security network monitoring 

    With OMNIA Partners, PSX has taken the first steps to provide you the right price and save you the competitive solicitation process and agreed to discounted rates through this contract.

    Contact Information

    Tennyson Jaffe
    Email: tennyson.jaffe@psxgroup.com
    Phone: 610-444-8210