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    MicroIntegration is an IT solutions provider focused on delivering comprehensive server, security and network solutions. Since 1999, we've provided solutions and support services to hundreds of organizations including small/medium business, enterprise, government and education (K-12 and higher education).

    Through carefully selected strategic alliances, MicroIntegration maintains a strong partnership with industry leading technology companies. By combining our extensive experience, certified support staff and our strong committed focus, we're able to consistently meet the challenges of our clients.

    Please contact us to find out how MicroIntegration can partner with your company to provide complete solutions to your unique IT challenges.

    Contact Information

    Primary Contact:
    David Patterson
    Email: davep@microint.com 
    Phone: 713.785.4596
    Secondary Contact:
    Caryn Pina
    Email: caryn@microint.com
    Phone: 713.785.4596