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    Educational Furniture, Furniture and Installation

    Supporting Healthy School Reopening

    MeTEOR Education is 100% committed to the safety and well-being of our schools and children. We stand ready with the latest research and classroom designs that will help you reopen your school and promote healthy learning. MeTEOR Education creates healthy, flexible learning environments that are configured for students’ physical, social, and emotional safety. Re-opening schools means re-imagining the spaces in our school buildings and our approach to teaching and learning. Whether your school is returning in-person, virtually, or blended, our team is here to support you in creating safe and engaging learning spaces.


    MeTEOR Education, formerly Contrax, is a leading educational services partner working with education professionals to help them create High-impact Learning Experiences™. As one of the largest providers of learning spaces, including furnishings and interior design services, MeTEOR's focus is the integration of best practices for teaching and learning to drive inquiry-based instruction, effective use of modern classrooms, and increased student achievement.

    The learning environment is everywhere within a school. It’s not just a classroom, it’s not just in a desk or even a particular piece of a classroom. It’s also in the commons area, walking down the hall, sitting on the grass at lunch, it’s going outside and doing your project with technology in hand. And so, mobility for the learner, has dramatically changed what the classroom will look like or how it will function in the future. By building flexibility into an interior design and being able to move from different environments and actually configure the learning space in different ways, we find that clients are able to utilize what they have and their limited dollars even better.

    Now, any space in the school can be a learning space, so being able to move from place to place or easily reconfigure the space is a critical component to any school that is serious about making an impact. MeTEOR Education is proud to offer our unique products and services to participants of OMNIA Partners through a cooperative contract available to agencies nationwide.