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    Moments School Age
    MOMENTS play structures provide age-appropriate play for school-age children. Built in close cooperation with the KOMPAN Play Institute, these play structures incorporate physical activities and play panels that have been field-tested and approved by our student user groups.

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    Ships small

    The Robinia Ships make a fleet of unbeatable imaginative play motivators. From the small challup to the huge schooner, these ships were crafted for play sailors with imagination to take them anywhere.

    Our Robinia Castles will give any park a regal touch. With their scale, Robinia Castles allow for a wide range of ages playing together. Invite the whole family over for a royal play day!

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    Castle Image Kompan

    Innovative & Inspired

    Westminster Schools in Atlanta, GA turned to KOMPAN to help them design a playground that complemented the school's rigorous academic standards with rigorous play time. KOMPAN collaborated with students and teachers during the design process to makes sure their new playground reflected fun 'play with a purpose'.

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