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    New Products:


    KOMPAN’s new army of GIANTS come at a staggering height of 21 - 29 feet. The tall GIANT towers are jam-packed with physical and cognitive play activities from top to bottom, inside and out, all of which are designed to WOW and challenge school-aged children. The themed exterior with printed graphics on the panels add an extra layer of play by stimulating children’s imagination and desire to play. Learn More!

    Universal Carousel

    The ultimate play motivator for any child is excitement, and spinning is one of the activities that can give children of all abilities just that.

    KOMPAN’s new inclusive Universal Carousel sends a warm welcome to children using wheelchairs and walkers. When spinning, they are given extra space for navigation and can share the experience with their caretaker, siblings, or other children.

    The open and spacious design allows the carousel to accommodate a large number of children with mixed abilities and encourage them to play together.

    Children without disabilities can spin their friends or siblings in a wheelchair and build important relationships and skills. The single handrail invites eye contact between the children spinning. Learn More!


    The popular Cross Trainer known from indoor fitness is now also available for outdoor training. With the best ergonomics on the market, KOMPAN’s Cross Trainer gives an intense workout and adds an extra intensity layer with a special sprint mode (glute mode) allowing for a high-calorie workout that strengthens the gluteus and lower limbs while focusing on the core stabilizer muscles. The KOMPAN Cross Trainer provides a safe, non-impacting workout without putting unnecessary stress on the joints. Learn More!

    Robinia Village

    KOMPAN’s Organic Robinia product portfolio contains loads of products and play experiences. The product portfolio embraces children of all ages, with spacious playhouses starting from the age of 2 to large, fun-filled play structures for the older children. Besides all the fun, Robinia structures add a gentle and calm natural look to the playground and local community. Whether you want your playground to stand out or blend in, Robinia could be your answer. Robinia can either help bring nature to an urban area, or enhance and blend into a suburban natural area. Learn More!

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