Herc Rentals Inc.

Equipment Rental and Related Services

Herc Rentals™ is a premier, industry-leading full-service equipment rental firm featuring a product line that includes everything from small hand-held tools to large earth-moving equipment. Additionally, the publicly traded NYSE company offers its customers services and solutions such as on-line account access, safety training, specialty services, including power generation, pumps and climate control, and other unique programs to meet your equipment rental needs.

Why Choose Herc Rentals:

  • Special Pricing Based on Commitment ― Allows for increased savings based on the level of commitment from agencies
  • Aerial and Forklift Safety Training ― Training available to individuals and groups within your organization
  • Standby Contracts for Power Generation and Disaster Relief ― Services available to make sure your community is ready in case of emergency
  • New and Used Equipment Sales ― Herc Rentals can assist you with multiple purchase options
  • Climate Control Equipment with Portable Air Conditioning, Chillers, Spot Coolers and Heaters



Contact Information

Email: omniapartners@hercrentals.com
Phone: 844-610-9889
Fax: 888-777-3582