Furniture and Installation

Dealers are authorized to accept orders and perform billing on Enwork’s behalf for this contract. Due to tax implications, Enwork can only accept direct orders from OMNIA Partner's members who are tax exempt, requiring a member’s tax exempt certificate be on file prior to purchase. Members may use the following address format when placing direct:

c/o (name of Participating Dealer)
12900 Christopher Dr.
Lowell, MI 49331-9420

Orders issued to Enwork shall reference “products and pricing apply per OMNIA Partners Contract #R142204.”
Orders may be emailed to orders@enwork.com . Fax (888-433-2128) and hard copy mailing is also acceptable.

We request clean orders are placed for timely order entry purposes. Complete, accurate orders can help minimize clarification questions, contribute to better turnaround times on acknowledgments and adherence to publicized lead times for products purchased, and improve overall efficiency.

Contact Information

George Kudwa 
Sales and Market Development 
Phone: 616-421-7705
Fax: 888-433-2128