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    Elevate K-12

    General Tutoring Services

    Competitively solicited and publicly awarded by: Region 4 Education Service Center- Contract #R152001

    ELEVATE K-12: High-Quality Live Online Instruction For Schools, In Schools

    Elevate K-12
    ○ High-quality instructors (must meet our quality standards)
    ○ Engaged students (kids have fun while learning)
    ○ Complete quality control and tracking
    ○ Hire, train and monitor Classroom Manager for you
    ○ Long term instructional partner
    ○ Positive academic outcomes (we own the results)

    Staffing Company
    ○ Not high-quality instructors
    ○ Not a long-term partner
    ○ Do not hire, train and monitor Classroom Manager for you
    ○ Do not own the results

    Substitute Teacher
    ○ Difficult to find, especially high-quality
    ○ Not a long term solution


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