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Demographics Study Services

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Davis Demographics & Planning, Inc. (DDP) provides demographic analysis and master planning services for public school districts throughout the U.S.  We lead our industry in client advocacy and superior planning methodologies.  It is our strong positive leadership and philosophies, combined with our exclusive, industry-leading software, that assures ouir clients achieve the most precise demographic strategy for decision-making.  Over the past 30 years, no firm has enhanced the planning process of more school districts than Davis Demographics & Planning.  We are currently serving school district clients in 31 states from our offices in Riverside, CA and Irving, TX.

  • Demographic Study Services
  • Comprehensive Student Forecasts
  • New Housing Studies
  • Build-Out Studies
  • Attendance Boundary Studies & Redistricting
  • SchoolSite software, ArcGIS-based planning tools licensed to your district 


Contact Information

Ken Ward
Director of Sales

Phone: 888-337-4471 x215

Lorne Woods
Regional Manager

Phone: 888-337-4471 x205