Club Car, LLC

Utility, Transportation & Golf Vehicles

Our diverse portfolio includes more than 50 models and configurations of vehicles designed to meet your work, transport and golf needs.

Carryall® Utility Vehicles
The Carryall line is comprised of utility and turf utility vehicles in: 

  • Gas, diesel and electric power.
  • Two- and automatic four-wheel drive.
  • Light- medium- and heavy-duty models, that can do the work of pickup trucks and have a maximum carrying capacity of almost a ton.
  • Four-passenger models with extended beds that carry two crews and their gear. 

Villager™ and Transporter™ Transport Vehicles
We also offer heavy-duty Transporter transport vehicles that carry two to six passengers as well as more refined Villager transport vehicles that seat two to eight in comfort and style.

Golf Cars and Mobile-merchandising Vehicles
Our Precedent® golf cars are the backbone of many prestigious golf clubs, as well as many city, county and state courses. Our Carryall turf utility vehicles and Café Express mobile-merchandising units improve golf course operations.

Affordable Street-legal Vehicles
Our zero-emissions low speed vehicles (LSVs) are legal on roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less in almost all states. These include Villager LSVs designed primarily for transportation as well as work-ready Carryall LSVs that deliver the power and versatility of pickup trucks.

Club Car vehicles are used for: 

  • Facilities, grounds and turf maintenance
  • Security
  • Parking
  • Transportation
  • Public utilities                                                                                                                    
  • Military and national security operations
  • Colleges and universities
  • Mobile merchandising
  • Prisons
  • Law enforcement
  • Parks and recreation
  • Golf course operations
  • Airport operations
  • Much more
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