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About BrightBytes

From complex integrations to actionable analysis, BrightBytes is the leading end-to-end data solution for education organizations. The BrightBytes solutions efficiently unify education data and combine top research and advanced analytics, delivered across easy-to-understand, intuitive dashboards, so educators can turn big data into big benefits for students.

With the data integration platform, DataSense, BrightBytes enables educators to cleanse, integrate, and bi-directionally manage complex data from multiple systems. The decision-support platform, Clarity, then employs advanced analytics, including machine learning, psychometrics, and predictive analytics to organize and visualize actionable data across research-based frameworks to drive student learning. 

Our Approach

The BrighBytes data solutions power decision making by providing education leaders with secure, centralized data management and advanced analytics, driven by research from leading organizations. With high-quality data, cutting-edge analytics, including psychometrics, machine learning, and predictive analytics, educators can access actionable, role-specific insights and recommendations. BrightBytes empowers educators to leverage data to improve learning. 

BrightBytes employs a four-step data cycle to ensure big data provides big benefits to students. 

  • Data Integration: Solve for integration, interoperability, data quality, and provisioning 
  • Research-Based Analytics: Provide high-quality analysis informed by leading researchers and experts
  • Engaging Experience: Transform analysis into engaging information 
  • Actionable Data: Provide tools and content to help integrate data into the day-to-day practice

Contact Information

Lyn McCullen

VP, Proposals