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Offender Monitoring Products, Services and Solutions

Providing Government Agencies with Complete Electronic Monitoring Solutions

BI Incorporated offers a complete continuum of reliable monitoring technologies and services for low- to high-risk community-based offenders. Electronic monitoring is a safe, cost-effective and efficient way to monitor offenders as they live and work in the community.

BI offers correctional agencies more than a dozen compliance technologies that can be applied in flexible configurations, including:

  1. Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology to enhance compliance.
  2. Court admissible, transdermal and breath alcohol monitoring devices to accurately test sobriety.
  3. Accurate radio frequency solutions, ideal for monitoring compliance to curfews and other defined locations.
  4. Electronic monitoring software solutions that provide agencies with analytics, a mobile app designed to effectively enhance supervision, and a web-based monitoring platform.
  5. Equipment-free, automated voice verification system to effectively monitor individuals using biometric voiceprints.
  6. An array of monitoring services, including monitoring operations, administrative support, and data management to meet each agency’s unique needs and budgets.


By partnering with BI, agencies can leverage the breadth of our resources and sophisticated infrastructure. Our innovative monitoring solutions can be tailored to meet agency goals and budgets,

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