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    Axon creates connected technologies for truth in public safety. As a business unit of TASER International, we're building on a history of innovation in policing. Our hardware and software solutions rival the best of Silicon Valley, but they're built specifically for law enforcement.

    But Axon isn’t just a collection of individual technologies; it's a cohesive ecosystem. Every product works together, built by the same team of engineers and supported by the same technicians. Every product from our Smart Weapons to our body-worn cameras to our digital evidence management system integrates seamlessly with one another, and often complements the systems and processes you already use.

    That connectedness doesn't stop at our products. With the features we've built into our solutions, we also make it easy for you to connect with partners, from county officials to neighboring agencies to the prosecutor working a case. We believe that better and more accessible information can help agencies save valuable time and resources, and most importantly reduce crime. But only if that information is kept safe. That's why we have the best team in the business protecting your data with a fierce commitment to security.

    We’ve long made the priorities of law enforcement our own, and their challenges ours to solve. When you partner with TASER and Axon, you're gaining a team of product experts, security pros, engineering wizards, and technology buffs. Some of us are former cops. Some of us cut our teeth at companies like Google and Microsoft. Some of us graduated from Ivy league schools with liberal arts degrees. But what we have in common is a dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible with technology, and a commitment to bringing it to law enforcement to make the world a safer place.

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