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    Body Worn Cameras

    Contract Highlights:

    • Axon (formerly Taser) awarded the contract over 12 competitors

    • Axon body worn camera hardware and Evidence.com services are available via the City of Tucson, AZ Contract #151089-01

    • Axon cameras help deescalate interactions and uphold truth. 35 major U.S. cities have adopted our models, and agencies big and small have seen up to an 88% drop in complaints after wearing them.

    • Contract includes the TASER Assurance Plan which provides extended warranty coverage and new body worn cameras every 2.5 years, as well as on-site spares to ensure that officers are equipped with the tools they need to protect lives in the field while staying up-to-date with the newest Axon camera technology and Evidence.com management features.

    • Evidence.com is a scalable, cloud-based system that consolidates all of your digital files, making them easy to manage, access and share while maintaining security and chain of custody

    Contact Information

    Alissa McDowell
    Contracts Manager

    Direct: 480-905-2038
    Mobile: 602-696-6035