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Districts' Special Transportation Needs

For more than a decade, ALC Schools has been coordinating the special transportation needs of districts just like yours. 

Whether assisting districts with their McKinney-Vento program, their hardest to serve trips, or their special needs students, ALC provides a scalable solution that can expand or contract to accommodate this ever-changing population. 

If your district has special transportation needs in any of the following areas, ALC Schools has a solution for you.


Expand or contract your fleet at any time to accommodate the dynamic nature of this population.

McKinney-Vento students are always on the move and ALC Schools' model allows you to respond quickly to their ever changing needs.

All Encompassing
Whether they reside inside or outside of your district, we can help coordinate transportation for all of your McKinney-Vento students.

Students with Special Needs

Personalized Service
Knowing the student's preference to sit on the right-side of the vehicle or to be accompanied by a favorite stuffed animal, is just as important as understanding their physical requirements.

Driven By Compassion
Not just anyone will do when it comes to serving students with special needs. All of the drivers we work with are compassionate and committed to the safety and well-being of your students.

Right Vehicle
Factors such as seating arrangements, wheelchair accessibility, additional equipment needs, and the possible need for a nurse/aide, are all considered when identifying the vehicle type that meets the needs of your students.

Hard-to-Serve Trips

Sending a bus to pick up eight students or fewer is not efficient and results in longer ride times for your students. ALC Schools can help route those trips into vans/sedans, providing not only cost savings but also a more comfortable and shorter trip for your students.

Cost Conscious
Using the right vehicle for your smaller trips lowers your cost by reducing gas consumption and the wear-and-tear on your buses.

Rural Routes
Using the right sized vehicle is critical when transporting as few as one or two students traveling to a remote area of your district, or even a handful of students living along a rural route.

Students Traveling Out-of-District

Out of Bounds
Some students have unique needs requiring them to attend special schools outside the district. Using smaller vehicles is more cost effective and promotes a stable comfortable, and consistent environment for them.

Responsive Resources
The ability to efficiently allocate resources allows for out-of-district students' needs to be met without incurring additional costs for the district

Multi-District Coordination

Be A Good Neighbor
When several neighboring school districts are transporting students to the same specialized school, or out-of-district to a non-public school, coordinating the transportation ensures that these routes are being handled as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Pro-rated Billing
ALC Schools can provide multi-district coordination, billing each for only their portion of the trip. When costs are shared, you and your neighboring districts save money.

ALC Schools Webinar on How to Meet Students Transportation Needs


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