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Uniform Grant Guidance Changes: What OMNIA Partners Participants Need to Know ​

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Outside of revenue from property and sales taxes, Federal and State grants are a primary driver of income for many local communities and are used to fuel critical improvements. Retaining grant funding, however, requires thorough oversight and accurate reporting, and local governments must stay on top of key regulations to maintain compliance and maximize funding outcomes.

One such Federal grant regulation is the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Guidance for Grants and Agreements. In 2020, the OMB announced its first significant changes to the Guidance since 2015. These latest revisions govern all Federal funding. To better understand what these revisions mean for your organization and your funding, join Adam Roth, Founder and President of AmpliFund, for a breakdown of the Guidance, including the key areas of change as well as the tips to ensure compliance with each of these revisions.


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