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Using UV-C Disinfection to Protect Employees Returning to Work

Posted by OFS on May 14, 2021

As more and more people return to the office, it’s increasingly crucial to ensure that your organization has safe disinfection practices in place. When it comes to protecting desk spaces, organizations are turning to products such as disinfection task lights to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria. Our supplier partners, such as OFS, provide these solutions through their cooperative contracts with OMNIA Partners, Public Sector.

Tambient Light by OFS

A significant advancement in office disinfection, the tambient® G305 provides increased certainty that office work surfaces and desktop objects (such as keyboards and personal items) are disinfected without using harsh chemicals. Designed to deactivate the COVID-19 virus, germs, bacteria and other pathogens when spaces are unoccupied, the G305 plays a critical role in creating a healthy and safe environment for all workplaces.

Effective and future-proof

Ultraviolet-C irradiation (UV-C) is widely used to eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses. UV-C has proven effective in killing virtually all known microorganisms, making it the ideal solution for air, water, and surface disinfection.

Deploying UV-C disinfection in close proximity to work surfaces makes it easy to achieve the UV-C “dose” needed to kill viruses and other surface-borne microbes at workstations while increasing disinfection certainty.

Using a product like the tambient® G305 provides an effective and portable desktop disinfection solution that also qualifies for 1-year write-off under current IRS rules and reconfigures easily as office plans evolve.

Disinfection made simple

As more advancements are made with disinfecting products, it is important to understand how these products function and ensure safety protocols are in place. For products like the tambient® G305, facility professionals can easily implement a suitable safety protocol for operating the UV-C disinfection when the room is not occupied. Adding a transmitter to an existing programmable lighting control system with occupancy sensors can assure that the UV-C turns on automatically if an occupant enters during disinfection. So, while the room isn't occupied, put your lighting to work to help keep the surfaces clean without the use of harsh chemicals!

Typical UV-C exposure for 99.9% disinfection

Work Surface Time to clean
24" x 60" 75 minutes
30" x 60" 95 minutes
30" x 72" 120 minutes

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