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Supply Chain Management: Tips to Eliminate Fastener Failure

September 19, 2022 / by Lawson Products posted in Facilities & Infrastructure, Supply Chain Management, Local & State Government

From anchoring stadium seats to fleet vehicle maintenance, holding up drywall and completing physical plant repairs and thousands more applications, fasteners are relied upon to keep things functioning. More than 300 billion fasteners are used in the U.S. annually in maintenance and assembly. But like a chain, a fastening system is only as strong as its weakest link. With the ongoing supply chain disruptions, we have compiled a list of tips to help your facility get the most out of its equipment and eliminate fastener failure. 

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Repair, Replace, or Rent Your Cooling Equipment?

August 9, 2022 / by Sunbelt Rentals posted in Facilities & Infrastructure, Local & State Government

Advanced planning for emergency situations is critical. With severe storms on the rise, unexpected equipment failure presents a need for emergency or supplemental cooling.

These disruptions can occur for many reasons high winds, hurricanes, or tornadoes; blackouts due to an overly strained utility grid; or even equipment within the building that’s past its life expectancy.

How can facilities managers determine whether to repair, replace or rent to reduce downtime and costs? 

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How to Uncover Technology Gaps to Enhance Your Security

June 16, 2022 / by Ricoh posted in K-12 Education, Business Products & Solutions, Local & State Government, Higher Education, Information Technology

Sudden, dramatic business changes can create – or expose – gaps in your IT systems and infrastructure. But before you can address them, you need to know they exist. Your IT infrastructure determines how productive your people can be. It keeps your data and information safe. Ultimately, your IT practices directly affect your revenue and profit. In this blog, you will learn about various potential gaps in your IT infrastructure, and how Ricoh can help participants of OMNIA Partners fill these gaps and enhance their network security.

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The Easiest Way to Save According to South Carolina Procurement Leader

May 10, 2022 / by OMNIA Partners posted in Procurement, Local & State Government, Cooperative Purchasing

It’s no secret that procurement professionals nationwide are struggling with budgets, bandwidth and staffing shortages. These roadblocks reveal opportunity though, as teams look towardcooperative purchasing for relief. With the help of a cooperative purchasing organization, you can increase savings at your organization by leveraging pre-awarded cooperative contracts and streamlining your purchasing process, resulting in a stronger overall strategy.

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3 Actions to Take to Build a Resilient and Reliable Operation

March 30, 2022 / by Lawson Products posted in Facilities & Infrastructure, Local & State Government

Are you feeling it? According to research from Accenture, 81% of supply chain leaders say the pandemic has been their organization’s greatest stress test. Similarly, a Coupa report found 63% of chief procurement officers say their organizations still feel a significant or extraordinary impact from the pandemic. Supply chain issues and inflation are just two business concerns testing organizations today. How can procurement tackle these challenges? Find out below. 

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How to Relieve Labor Shortage Challenges with Vendor Managed Inventory

February 1, 2022 / by Lawson Products posted in Facilities & Infrastructure, Local & State Government

It’s been almost two years since COVID-19 turned our world upside down triggering supply chain shortages that continue today. While some of these shortages may be due to poor planning, most of the supply chain problems are due to a cascade of bottomless events creating major strains on worldwide distribution channels, the most extraordinary being the labor shortage. Now more than ever, procurement leaders are teamed up with their HR counterparts leveraging cooperative purchasing to help attract and retain talent. 

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How Agencies Can Unlock Value From Their Data

February 1, 2022 / by Iron Mountain posted in K-12 Education, Business Products & Solutions, Local & State Government, Higher Education, Information Technology

Data is a strategic asset, and it is everywhere, so generating it is not the challenge. The challenge is how to derive value from the data to make more informed, insightful decisions.

Most government agencies have more data than they know what to do with. The amount of data that government agencies collect, store, analyze, share, and secure is increasing exponentially and will continue as more activities are carried out online and in digitally connected spaces. No matter your mission, as a government agency, data is your biggest asset but can also be your biggest challenge.

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Hidalgo County Brings Free, Public WiFi to Students and Workers

January 31, 2022 / by Insight Public Sector posted in Local & State Government, Information Technology

Hidalgo County in south Texas was facing extreme pressure to complete a Wi- Fi project by Dec. 31, 2020 (the original deadline for CARES Act Funds spending). The county shortened the procurement cycle by avoiding a full RFP, and instead, they leveraged Insight Public Sector's existing OMNIA Partners contract, saving an estimated four weeks of time.

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Improving Safety During High Water Events: The Real Cost of Flooded Roads and Major Risk Factors

January 27, 2022 / by Traffic and Parking Control Co., Inc. (TAPCO) posted in Facilities & Infrastructure, Local & State Government

Flooded roadways can kill, and mitigating that risk is easier said than done.

When water covers a road, it can be incredibly difficult to tell if it’s an inch or a foot deep — or even more. Just a few inches of water on a road can be dangerous, and six inches is all it takes to reach the bottom of most cars and cause a loss of control.

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The Shift From Transactional to Strategic Procurement

December 1, 2021 / by OMNIA Partners posted in Procurement, K-12 Education, Local & State Government, Higher Education, Cooperative Purchasing

During the workdayhow often do you get caught up on the price of a product you’re working to procure? There’s no fault in your attention to detail and tendency to spend too much time on transactions. Your dedication is valued as your school or organization relies on you to manage purchase orders, RFPs, invoices, delivery schedules, and all involved documentationeven when you might not have enough time or resources.

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