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Ensuring Citizen Trust: The Importance of Data Privacy & Security

June 22, 2022 / by Iron Mountain posted in Information Technology, security

Loss of critical data and information continues to draw the attention of state, local, and education organizations because they know data loss erodes constituents’ trust. The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) latest annual State CIO Top 10 Priorities ranks “Cybersecurity and Risk Management” as the top concern in 2022, with a specific focus on governance, data protection, insider threats, and third-party risk. EDUCAUSE listed “developing processes and controls, institutional infrastructure, and institutional workforce skills to protect and secure data and supply-chain integrity” as its number-one IT issue for 2022.

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How to Uncover Technology Gaps to Enhance Your Security

June 16, 2022 / by Ricoh posted in K-12 Education, Business Products & Solutions, Local & State Government, Higher Education, Information Technology

Sudden, dramatic business changes can create – or expose – gaps in your IT systems and infrastructure. But before you can address them, you need to know they exist. Your IT infrastructure determines how productive your people can be. It keeps your data and information safe. Ultimately, your IT practices directly affect your revenue and profit. In this blog, you will learn about various potential gaps in your IT infrastructure, and how Ricoh can help participants of OMNIA Partners fill these gaps and enhance their network security.

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What it Takes to Build a Winning Esports Program

May 2, 2022 / by SHI posted in K-12 Education, Information Technology

Competitive gaming has grown tremendously over the last ten years, reaching $1 billion in revenue in 2021. As STEAM initiatives continue to pick up and projections for the market continue to grow, it's no wonder why many educational institutions have adopted esports into their curriculums. To streamline the steps in adopting an esports initiative at your district or university, procurement can team up with a cooperative purchasing organization for the planning phase and beyond.

As you align with administrators and the necessary IT stakeholders, a cooperative can connect you to industry-leading solutions and help you better understand purchasing for an esports program. This cost-effective and strategic route simplifies your process while ensuring you achieve your administration's goal of implementing competitive gaming at your schools. 

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VIDEO SECURITY SOLUTIONS: K-12 School District Oversight Using Automated Monitoring

April 14, 2022 / by Konica Minolta posted in K-12 Education, Information Technology

Schools are faced with keeping students and staff secure. In doing so, they increasingly are looking for digital solutions to replace analog documents and processes that log regular activity. As K-12 school districts implement these solutions, automating actionable alerts from the data produced so your security team can deter a problem before it happens can be an afterthought.

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3 Esports Recruitment Strategies & Why They Worked for These Colleges

March 31, 2022 / by CDW-G posted in Higher Education, Information Technology

Marketing an esports program is no easy task. It’s important for higher education institutions to know what students are looking for, why they might choose one school over another, and how IT professionals can work with internal stakeholders to invest in programs that support recruitment. A robust esports program can become an effective marketing tool for colleges and universities, but only with thoughtful planning.

CDW•G Education Strategist, Doug Konopelko, shares common mistakes that higher education institutions make in esports programs, and how some schools avoided these pitfalls.

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Critical Steps Procurement Can Take to Fight Cyber Threats

March 25, 2022 / by World Wide Technology posted in Procurement, Information Technology, Cooperative Purchasing

Procurement teams continue to be tasked with the need to focus on prominent IT issues like ransomware and other threats to cybersecurity, while recognizing the importance of bolstering cyber posture. As you work to meet the needs of IT stakeholders, it can be beneficial to leverage a cooperative purchasing organization for a direct route to robust solutions for your school district or agency. 

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Understanding Purchasing for the Esports Trend

February 16, 2022 / by OMNIA Partners posted in Furniture & Workspace Solutions, K-12 Education, Higher Education, Information Technology

As your procurement team looks at trends in higher education institutions and K-12 school districts, we’re seeing a growing emphasis on adding esports programs into the curriculum. The emergence of the competitive gaming scene has advanced in recent months, and school administrators in all levels of education are looking at how to incorporate esports into academic and sporting programs. 

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How is Automated IT Revolutionizing Government Agencies?

February 2, 2022 / by Carahsoft posted in State Government, Information Technology

As artificial intelligence applications become more agile and ubiquitous, government agencies
are starting to leverage new technologies to improve decision-making at every level. However,
to create an effective roadmap for AI implementation, agencies need to keep up with the latest
trends, best practices and technology requirements for IT automation. To understand how AI
and other bleeding-edge technologies are revolutionizing local, state and federal government,
below are insights and experiences surrounding digital transformation.

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How Agencies Can Unlock Value From Their Data

February 1, 2022 / by Iron Mountain posted in K-12 Education, Business Products & Solutions, Local & State Government, Higher Education, Information Technology

Data is a strategic asset, and it is everywhere, so generating it is not the challenge. The challenge is how to derive value from the data to make more informed, insightful decisions.

Most government agencies have more data than they know what to do with. The amount of data that government agencies collect, store, analyze, share, and secure is increasing exponentially and will continue as more activities are carried out online and in digitally connected spaces. No matter your mission, as a government agency, data is your biggest asset but can also be your biggest challenge.

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Hidalgo County Brings Free, Public WiFi to Students and Workers

January 31, 2022 / by Insight Public Sector posted in Local & State Government, Information Technology

Hidalgo County in south Texas was facing extreme pressure to complete a Wi- Fi project by Dec. 31, 2020 (the original deadline for CARES Act Funds spending). The county shortened the procurement cycle by avoiding a full RFP, and instead, they leveraged Insight Public Sector's existing OMNIA Partners contract, saving an estimated four weeks of time.

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