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Tactical Facility Management is Good - But Strategic Facility Management is Next Level

Posted by OMNIA Partners on February 13, 2019

Facility Inside Building Image - For Web 2OMNIA Partners knows exactly where facility management is, and more importantly, exactly where it’s going.

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What’s Trending in Strategic Facility Management

Sustainability and Eco-friendliness

The U.S. Department of Energy has identified space heating, cooling, and lighting as the most energy consuming operations in a facility. By increasing building automation systems, greater sustainability and energy efficiency can be achieved. Major changes to ductwork sealing practices and expanded ozone-friendly refrigerants standards are on the horizon in effort to promote climate change mitigation.

Interconnectivity and IoT

Remote and centralized access to real-time data reduces costs, aids risk management, and improves user experience throughout a facility. Sensors can report information across buildings instantly to prioritize or trigger system responses. The smarter the facility, the faster decisions about how a space is used can be executed, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Safety and Security

A modern building’s design should be influenced by the perceived threats it may be faced with in the form of potential natural disasters, accidents, or attacks. Building materials need to be chosen based on their ability to minimize damage or the harm done to occupants. Maximum transparency and vision can still be maintained while implementing resistance to these dangers.

Adaptability and Reconfiguration

The ability to easily recompose spaces is a must as construction and retrofitting requirements become more frequent to keep up with technology and today’s increasing environmental demands. Aspects such as air ventilation, circadian-rhythm sensitive lighting, sound pressure levels, spatial quality, social and organizational experience, all have ramifications on a facility’s usability and the company’s bottom line.

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