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Streamline Your Staffing Solutions Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by Acro Service Corporation on July 13, 2021

Public agencies are working tirelessly to address their community needs during the current COVID-19 pandemic. As you juggle numerous staffing needs, ever increasing processing requirements, and shrinking budgets, finding a staffing solution can help jumpstart the recovery process.

Need a large amount of positions filled quickly?

Acro understands how important it is to leverage the people in your community. While other providers recruit from far away locations, Acro focuses on your local area and fills most positions utilizing the people near you. In most cases, they can also maintain many of the same suppliers you use today if that is important to you. Only when a position is hard to fill does Acro utilize its national network of talent.

Participants of OMNIA Partners have access to the staffing services and related services and solutions competitively solicited and publicly awarded cooperative contracts. We act as your advocates to leverage cooperative purchasing as a strategic part of your procurement strategy so you can drive efficiency, effectiveness and real savings within your agency or organization.

Acro can help you do more with fewer resources and less overhead. Acro works with organizations large and small to help you streamline all of your staffing needs in one place and meet complex process requirements more easily. Read how two Departments with the State of Iowa were looking to fill medical positions quickly due to the current Coronavirus pandemic; the Department of Health and the Department of Corrections.

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Topics: Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness, Local & State Government