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Unconventional Solutions for Pathogen Reduction in Schools

Posted by MeTEOR Education on October 8, 2021

With the wealth of information on air purifying and disinfecting available for school safety and sanitation today, many administrators are looking for guidance on best practices to utilize in and out of the classroom.

By leveraging cooperative purchasing, participants of OMNIA Partners can benefit from our cooperative contract with MeTEOR Education to ensure their schools are operating at maximum safety for students and faculty alike. 

MeTEOR Education Presents EPA Approved Non-Toxic and Non-PPE Solutions

What if you could protect your skin for up to 8 hours and be shielded from pathogens with the help of NASA technology? 

Through extensive research, MeTEOR Education has identified two solutions that hold up to high safety standards while allowing for a return to more natural in-person learning:

CASPR is a mobile unit based on NASA technology, using Photocatalytic Oxidation to continually reduce pathogens in the air and on surfaces. Effective against mold, viruses, bacteria, and VOCs; CASPR goes beyond COVID, offering long term improved air quality and producing no residues or odors.

It’s Nanoed is an FDA and EPA approved barrier protectant that kills bacteria and viruses before they can attach to surfaces. Effective for 30 days with no alcohol or harsh chemicals, it poses no risk when inhaled or applied to skin. MeTEOR Education, through the OMNIA Partners cooperative contract, is proud to offer both solutions as a commitment to safe, healthy learning environments for schools.

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How Do These Products and Solutions Differ From Conventional Hand Sanitizers or Air Purifiers? 

When a student heads to school, their first potential contact with pathogens may happen long before they reach the school doors.


CASPR has a unique Transit Unit specially designed for reducing pathogen load in the air and on surfaces of buses, providing an extra layer of protection as students travel to school.

It's Nanoed

Once the student enters the building, they can quickly apply It’s Nanoed 8 Hour Hand Sanitizer+ at the entryway. This unique, non-toxic spray creates a barrier on skin that prevents germs from attaching or being spread for up to 8 hours without the need to reapply like conventional hand sanitzers.

Once in a classroom, teachers and students can be continually protected from pathogens by units such as the CASPR Compact+ or new BLU Ceiling Tile unit. These hospital-grade units provide continuous protection for up to 1,500 sq ft and are easy to relocate as your facility needs change. As students move throughout the facility to larger spaces such as media centers and cafeterias, MeTEOR recommends a solution like CASPRs In-Duct HVAC units, which continually cover a total square footage of up to 5,000 sq ft (depending on unit) and are easy to install and maintain. Finally, for shared resources or high-touch areas, such as gym and sports equipment, It’s Nanoed surface barrier allows you to prevent pathogen spread for 30 days with a single application. And this protectant barrier is EPA approved and safe to apply without the use of special PPE.


How Can I Leverage These Solutions to Protect My Students and Faculty?

MeTEOR Education and OMNIA Partners offers a free, on-demand webinar to learn more about protecting your schools utilizing these solutions, as well as simple furniture solutions to socially distance.


Contact us today for a free consultation of your space.

About OMNIA Partners and MeTEOR Education

MeTEOR Education has a competitively solicited and publicly awarded cooperative contract, available through OMNIA Partners. K-12 schools across the country can harness the power of a simplified procurement process they can trust to contribute to student safety and success. Contact us today for more information!

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