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How to Meet the Transportation Needs of Students in the 20/21 School Year

Posted by EverDriven on January 20, 2021


Many children are getting left behind amid this unpredictable 2020-2021 school year, and for students with special transportation needs, alternative student transportation is playing a critical role. For McKinney-Vento and special needs students, regular buses either do not visit these students’ neighborhoods on their regular routes or do not have the necessary equipment and tools to get them to school safely. For children who attend school in a different district than they live in, transportation is supposed to be provided through the efforts of both districts. However, when the schools in the separate districts start at the same time, this coordination can become difficult and often impossible.

EverDriven provides school districts with alternative student transportation to alleviate these challenges. This is available through OMNIA Partners to drive cost savings by streamlining the competitive bid process and nationally leveraged pricing through a cooperative contract. EverDriven provides supplemental student transportation to over 400 school districts across the country. Their two fully staffed dispatch centers, field representatives, and routing and optimization teams coordinate 10,000 trips for special needs, displaced and foster students to get to school safely and on time.


Learn more about how EverDriven supports Fort Bend ISD and how it can also help your district with this recorded webinar and supplemental article:



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