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Governments Are Finding New Ways to Benefit From Cooperative Purchasing

Posted by OMNIA Partners on October 14, 2019

Government BuildingCooperative purchasing is more dynamic and effective than ever for government entities. The growing trend of using cooperative purchasing has driven surprising savings, superior results and flexibility for a wide array of government groups.

In the cover story of Government Procurement magazine's August/September issue, Tammy Rimes, executive director of National Cooperative Procurement Partners (NCPP), explains some of the exciting ways agencies are getting superior outcomes by working with cooperative purchasing providers.

Rimes details broad trends and specific projects that show how the growing trend of cooperative purchasing in government agencies:

  • Provides savings by combining the spend of multiple government agencies
  • Alleviates pressure by helping thin staffs focus on other priorities
  • Enhances overall procurement capabilities
  • Delivers superior contracts, better-quality products and services and long-term savings
  • Meets shared goals like greater sustainability
  • Allows agencies to navigate complex contract rules (such as those put in place by FEMA) yet still engage local providers

Read Tammy Rimes's cover story to learn about just how flexible and effective cooperative purchasing can be for government agencies. To learn more or get started on your own cooperative purchasing program, contact OMNIA Partners or check out our contracts below!


Shared with permission from Government Procurement magazine.

Topics: Procurement, Local & State Government