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Don’t Let a Disaster Set You Back Further

Posted by Herc Rentals on September 10, 2020

Hurricane season is in its peak right now. If you don’t feel like spending tens of thousands of dollars on hurricane protection and recovery equipment you may only use once in a lifetime, renting the equipment is an option. OMNIA Partners and Herc Rentals understand the importance of being ready when disaster strikes. 

With more than 270 locations in North America, a company like Herc Rentals can quickly mobilize its equipment near areas expected to be affected, ensuring you’ll have the equipment delivered, set up, and working efficiently, effectively, and safely.


After the Storm

After a storm strikes, the desire to immediately assess damage to your business or job site kicks in. But before you get to work, here are some safety concerns to consider:

  • Make sure electricity is turned off to avoid electrocution.
  • While attempting to return to a flooded office or building to gather belongings, beware of stepping into a swale or manhole not visible beneath the floodwater; this could lead to drowning.
  • Do not wade through flood water without protective equipment; flood water could contain large amounts of bacteria, oil, hazardous materials, solid waste, and other contaminants that, if ingested, absorbed or inhaled can cause illness or death.
  • In areas with mold, mildew, or other respirable hazards, wear a respirator and make sure it’s sealed tightly around the face. Be mindful that facial hair will break the seal on a respirator.
  • Heat and humidity can easily cause heat stress or worse, so take proper work/rest cycles and hydrate.

Renting the Right Equipment

Renting the right gear will save you money in both the short and long term. In the short term, renting is more affordable because there’s a good possibility you’ll only ever use this equipment once or twice. And, if your business or job site is impacted by the storm, the longer you have to wait for the restoration process to begin, the more costly the repairs will be due to the spread of mold.

But what equipment you’ll need hinges on a variety of factors, including: type and size of business or job site; loss of power and; property or building damage. Equipment to consider includes:

Think about your facility. What would happen if a major storm hits your area? Will you wait your turn to be rescued and then wait again for equipment to repair and restore your property? Or start preparing now and make sure that when the storm does arrive, its impacts on your business or job site are limited? Contact Herc Rentals for more information


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