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Shred-it Data Protection Report 2019

Posted by Shred-it on September 10, 2019

Originally shared by Shred-it on their website.

On the global stage, America’s business community has long been associated with disruption and innovation, but also operating with integrity, transparency and increasingly a commitment to being purpose-driven. At the core, it boils down to delivering on the evolving expectations of the American public.

In this vein, companies are quickly learning that prioritizing information security and safeguarding data in today’s fast-paced, constantly-changing environment is critical. And while businesses, government and consumers alike acknowledge its importance, identifying gaps in data protection and determining what policies, procedures and actions need to be adopted requires a focused look at current and evolving risks and trends.

Shred-it , OMNIA Partners document and media destruction services supplier, completed their ninth annual survey on the state of data protection and uncovered a concerning disconnect between attitudes and awareness levels around perceived information security threats, and the reality of those threats. To read the full report of their findings please click on the image below. 

Data Protection Report 2019

Topics: Information Technology