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Create the Workplace of Tomorrow, Today

Posted by OMNIA Partners on February 13, 2019

Office Supplies Educational Email ImageThe office supplies sector is undergoing a transformation that is reshaping the entire industry. Customer demands are changing, technology is shifting, and traditional office supply products are evolving. No one is better equipped to help you and your business stay miles ahead of these trends than OMNIA Partners and its robust portfolio of world-class suppliers. OMNIA Partners provides access to the office products, business machines and office furniture essential to keeping your work environment thriving as business needs continue to evolve.  

The Top Trends Shaping Offices and Workspaces

Fully-Integrated Technology

With a truly innovative office setup, employees can work smarter and faster. Screen ubiquity, charging ports for multiple devices, wireless technologies, smart boards, cloud storage and real-time data sharing capabilities are a must to fortify work environments for the future. This enables employee collaboration, communication, seamless project management, and the ability to instantly address issues as they arise in critical business areas. Platform and application integration between departments is finally becoming more accessible, allowing procurement to better synchronize with colleagues. But on the dark side, cyber threats continue to grow, calling for companies to implement enhanced IT security hardware and software solutions.

The Chameleon Workspace

The era of cluttered office desks and cubicles has officially come to an end as more and more businesses rely on customizable spaces and open floor plans.  Organizations are now seeking communal areas for brainstorming sessions and office configurations that encourage collaboration, learning and a strong company culture. This trend permits flexibility for different teams to adapt allocated zones to their needs, increasing productivity and engagement. A modern office offers space for both individual work and for group activities, as companies are realizing that being successful today is heavily reliant on teamwork and creativity.

Go Green Go

Research shows that being outside in nature reduces stress, in addition to many other psychological and physical benefits. With this in mind, companies are instituting creative methods to connect workplaces to the outdoors through the popular emerging trend: biophilic design. Green dividers, indoor gardens, vertical planters, terrariums and grey water systems, are being welcomed into the workplace to help improve air quality, mood, and productivity for employees.

Preference and Style

Office layouts were previously created based on general comparisons and assumptions, leaving little place for employee predilections. Today, employee goals and behaviors play a much more important part in shaping work environments. Personalization is being integrated into the fashion, design and style trends in previously uniform products and supplies. Options for workspaces are becoming as diverse as those who fill them, such as homestyle concepts that recreate houses and outside-the-box setups that might mimic a coffee shop. Offices all over the world are adopting these unorthodox office designs to attract young talent, make working spaces more synergistic and boost the bottom line.

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