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Cooperative Purchasing Yields Procurement Benefits

Posted by OMNIA Partners on August 17, 2019

Cooperative Purchasing Professionals Executing a ContractProcurement professionals who have never used a cooperative purchasing organization typically have a lot of questions about the value of such an approach.  

The National Contract Management Association recently weighed in on the value of cooperative purchasing in an edition of Contract Management magazine. “Let’s Just Cooperate! Leveraging Cooperative Procurement to Drive Savings and Increase Value” highlights why so many organizations engage cooperative purchasing partners. 

Featuring viewpoints from an array of procurement professionals, the article details why cooperative purchasing is a good choice for so many organizations. Learn how cooperative purchasing saves time and money by introducing experts and making procurement more convenient by downloading the article written by Tammy Rimes, MPA Executive Director.

As the largest and most experienced cooperative in procurement and supply chain management, those of us at OMNIA Partners see the benefits of cooperative purchasing every day, so it’s especially gratifying to see an independent assessment confirm what we already know.

If you want to know more about how cooperative purchasing can enhance your procurement processes, contact OMNIA Partners