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Communicate Today, Revenue Tomorrow

Posted by Daktronics on October 20, 2020

LED technology is a great medium for getting messages across, especially as businesses start to pick back up and we find our “new normal,” and those same displays can now be turned into a source for revenue generation. OMNIA Partners supplier, Daktronics, illustrates the value in digital signage for important communications as well as a future revenue opportunity for your community. 


It comes as no surprise that, especially in today’s world, sharing information and communicating with audiences is becoming increasingly important. If you work for a city, a high school, college/university or municipality, your group is handling a lot of changes on a regular basis. The way in which your city is handling these changes can be very different than how others are. So, being able to get your message across to those who need to see it has to be done in both a customized way and done dynamically.

There are many instances in which digital signage can be a solution for an organization. Perhaps a business is looking to communicate news, new safety protocols, wayfinding details or event information as people pass by their venue or attend events. Right now, organizations seem to be in the same boat when it comes to things such as capacity, news, wearing masks or hours of operation.

Many different locations and applications offer opportunities to share your messaging within your community. Daktronics has you covered with a wide range of technology to fit your situation, all with an easy control and content management system. Here are just a few examples of messaging ideas:


You may be thinking that solely spending money on social media ads and search engine optimization (SEO) to get your message across is enough. Having the ability to share a message through an LED display, ensures that your message will not be overlooked. Billboards and message center displays allow for organizations to cover all the bases when it comes to relaying important announcements in real time.

The Benefits of Digital Signage

Daktronics wants to help you communicate today and set you up for more revenue generation tomorrow, by leveraging your budget to take advantage of all LED technology has to offer. Focusing the remaining balance of your annual budget to invest in LED displays will allow you to better communicate with your audience and provide a new opportunity to generate revenue through advertising agreements in the future. The exposure that LED technology offers, combined with the flexibility to rotate messaging at a moment’s notice, is enticing for brands looking to find additional ways to connect with consumers. LED technology is also compatible with various weather conditions, offering high brightness levels to ensure your message won’t get missed. This is especially important for advertisers. giving them the capability determine what time they want their messages to be shown and how easily it can be updated. 

Purchasing an LED display doesn’t have to be complicated either. You can save time and money by utilizing the Daktronics contract, available nationwide through OMNIA Partners. View the Daktronics Community Lookbook or contact an OMNIA Partners representative to learn more!

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