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The GOJO® Purpose of Saving Lives and Making Life Better Through Well-being Solutions drives every decision our Family Enterprise makes, from the products we create to the ways we work. As the inventors of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer, GOJO® has changed how the world stays well for more than 70 years. We use the best science available to develop well-being solutions for skin and the surfaces people touch – solutions that result in healthier people and a healthy environment at home and away from home. As relentless innovators, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, we’ve harnessed the power of the PURELL® brand to create new products that deliver the ideal combination of effective protection from germs and safety for people and the environment. Our latest innovation, the PURELL SOLUTION™ includes PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizers, PURELL® Surface Sprays, PURELL® Brand HEALTHY SOAP® products with CLEAN RELEASE™ Technology and PURELL® ES8 Dispensing Systems with energy-on-the-refill. Our complete product portfolio includes heavy-duty hand cleaners, soaps, and wipes, in addition to breakthrough dispensing and electronic hand hygiene compliance monitoring systems.

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How to Help Students Avoid the “Winter-Hand Blues”

February 14, 2022 / by GOJO® posted in Facilities & Infrastructure, K-12 Education

Do your kids suffer from dry, damaged, irritated hands as the weather grows colder? If so, they’re not alone. Winter weather is not fun for skin; cold weather, low humidity, and indoor heating create dry air, which steals moisture away from the skin every second of every day.
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Serve and Protect with Worry-Free Cleaning This Winter

November 29, 2021 / by GOJO® posted in Facilities & Infrastructure, Local & State Government

Sanitation and safety have always played a critical role in the lives of emergency responders and public safety professionals. The use of disinfecting products in emergency vehicles and public safety facilities promotes a trustworthy environment when properly used. 

Understanding how to avoid the uncertainties associated with the misuse of cleaning products is more important than ever. Eliminate confusion on and off the job with these tips from GOJO®.

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Beyond the Pandemic: Crucial Athletic Facilities Hygiene Practices

September 14, 2021 / by GOJO® posted in Facilities & Infrastructure, Higher Education

Proper hygiene and disinfection have never been more crucial to maintaining a clean and safe athletics facility than they have been during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Athletic training facilities, with close quarters, closed spaces, shared equipment, varying personal hygiene practices, and high levels of contamination, face many challenges related to environmental hygiene and infection control. These conditions make athletes highly vulnerable to readily transmissible diseases, not only to COVID-19 but also to skin infections and disease.

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Where You Should be Placing Hygiene Products in Schools

June 1, 2021 / by GOJO® posted in Facilities & Infrastructure, K-12 Education

Having a ready stock of hand soap, hand sanitizer, surface disinfectants, and body fluid spill kits can be a challenge, but so can knowing where to place these products throughout a school. Research shows that placing products in the right place increases use and decreases germs found in a facility. Participants of OMNIA Partners have the opportunity to utilize cooperative contracts to save time and money on various sanitation products like these listed above. Below you’ll find guidance from GOJO on where to place products throughout your school and what makes each of these solutions important.

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