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4 Tips to Adapt Your Technology and Improve Public Safety

October 27, 2022 / by Carahsoft posted in IT & Telecom, Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness

How can law enforcement agencies heighten public safety to fight cybersecurity threats and crime? Carahsoft, a government and educational IT solutions provider of OMNIA Partners shares insight on the four key areas that agencies should focus on:

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How is Automated IT Revolutionizing Government Agencies?

February 2, 2022 / by Carahsoft posted in State Government, Information Technology

As artificial intelligence applications become more agile and ubiquitous, government agencies
are starting to leverage new technologies to improve decision-making at every level. However,
to create an effective roadmap for AI implementation, agencies need to keep up with the latest
trends, best practices and technology requirements for IT automation. To understand how AI
and other bleeding-edge technologies are revolutionizing local, state and federal government,
below are insights and experiences surrounding digital transformation.

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The Free, Intelligent Connector for Higher-Ed Spend Challenges

November 1, 2021 / by Carahsoft posted in Higher Education, Information Technology

Alton Campbell, co-author, serves as vice president, higher education for OMNIA Partners, Public Sector. He leads a national team of regional managers who bring strategic contract solutions to colleges and universities. 

Utilizing cooperative purchasing empowers participants to access and leverage immense buying power to achieve more value, time, and cost-savings. It’s no wonder why the higher education space partners with cooperative purchasing organizations such as OMNIA Partners, the most experienced cooperative and free connector to drive excellence and meet strategic goals, particularly in a time when the pandemic has squeezed budgets. 

We have witnessed a growth in higher education spending, largely accelerated by the pandemic, in information technology, air filtration, and furniture. When it comes to investments in these major categories, OMNIA Partners has an extensive portfolio of suppliers who offer solutions.

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