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Athletic Equipment That Rises Above the Competition

Posted by OMNIA Partners on February 13, 2019

Athletics Educational Email ImageIn a time where fitness, sports, and promoting the physical well-being of our communities is at the forefront, educational and governmental segments are leading the way. These entities are updating and renovating their athletics endeavors by incorporating sustainability and safety, as well as bringing modern technologies more into focus. And when it comes to knowing the latest athletics trends to help guide these efforts, OMNIA Partners and our robust portfolio of world-class suppliers are in a league of our own.

The Top Trends in Athletic Equipment

Wearable Technology

The popularity of products like smart watches and wearable tech is on the rise as the market is expected to reach $9 billion in revenue by 2022. With more people than ever donning smart technologies, sports equipment manufacturers are catching on fast. Treadmills and stationary bikes are now compatible with Bluetooth devices allowing users to import data and workout stats such as average heart rate or calories burned. This integration is providing users a more comprehensive and individualized fitness experience.


There’s a big difference between grappling with a static object in a training session and taking down a fast-moving opponent in a competitive match. This is why robotics experts have stepped in to produce remote controlled “players” that replicate the size, weight, shape, speed and human motion of an opponent or training partner. This eradicates the risk of injury and fatigue caused by athlete-on-athlete training and can be used in any discipline where impact repetition is a concern, giving the likes of hockey goalkeepers and football half-backs a much-needed break.

Advanced Training Equipment

More athletic departments are investing in training-specific products for use outside of the game. This equipment safely helps athletes train smarter by better targeting the areas where they are seeking improvement. For example, lighter soccer balls allow players to practice headers without risk of injury. Other products, like a portable batting cage nets, make it easier to train without assembling a team. Specialized equipment is helping athletes zero in on specific skills so they can excel when it’s time to get on the field.

Reactive Fabrics

Taking compression innovation to a whole new level, athletic clothing is becoming more and more reactive by introducing moisture-wicking and thermal fabrics. These articles react to changes in body temperature and are equipped with sensors to detect dampness. Rather than absorbing the sweat, they react by pushing the moisture outward so that it can evaporate. Specialized workout clothes are making it easier to live an active lifestyle no matter how hot the heat or rigorous the session.

Topics: K-12 Education, Local & State Government