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Preparing to Open: Do you Have Everything on the Janitorial Products Checklist?

Posted by Network Services Company on April 13, 2021

As many schools reimagine their operations beyond COVID-19, they will need to address a new set of concerns and needs. Students, teachers, staff and parents have returned with a heightened sensitivity to cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation. This “new normal” raises expectations that could determine the success and reputation for facilities moving forward.


To help you respond to these new expectations, NETWORK® has compiled information and potential solutions to help navigate these new challenges. Download the Reopening Checklist for Janitorial Supplies to identify materials to use when cleaning and disinfecting various areas within your facility.  

We encourage your teams to communicate the additional steps that have been taken to prepare the school to welcome people back. To learn more and for additional resources to share within your community, please visit our Covid-19 Resource Site Here >>


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