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Part 3: Simplifying ESG Strategies for a Sustainable Transformation

May 10, 2023 / by Konica Minolta posted in K-12 Education, Business Products & Solutions, Local & State Government, Higher Education, Information Technology

Welcome to the third and final installment of our ESG series. The trilogy culminates with the topic (G) or Governance, painting the complete picture of the difficult undertaking organizations face on their path to create, launch, and manage a successful ESG program.

In our previous installments we outlined the areas that companies should be focusing on pertaining to the Environmental (E) and Social (S) elements of the newsworthy acronym. Each letter brings with it unique challenges that can impact everything from workplace culture and operational efficiencies to investor relations. Fortunately, solutions exist to ensure that data is accurately reported, and processes are well defined and consistent, while upholding privacy. In concert, this all leads to a brighter outcome for all.

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How Universities Can Make More Sustainable Choices

May 9, 2023 / by Tork - An Essity Brand posted in Facilities & Infrastructure, Higher Education, Cooperative Purchasing

Students, staff and university officials all have an important part to play when it comes to implementing sustainable practices across campus. As the science points to an increasingly clear consensus and a more urgent case for action, we examine what universities can do to make study more sustainable. From using the right cleaning products, to saving water and being transparent about carbon footprints, Tork and OMNIA Partners offer best practices for educational institutions to start their journey toward becoming economically sustainable.

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Creating Collaborative Spaces to Support Student Achievement

May 3, 2023 / by ODP Business Solutions posted in Furniture & Workspace Solutions, K-12 Education, Cooperative Purchasing, Furniture & Installation

Farmington School District embarks on new project to create collaborative spaces. ODP Business Solutions™ Workspace Interiorshelped the district take full advantage of the unused spaces, transforming them into special areas for everything from teamwork to quiet reading. With some of the district’s buildings dating back to the 1940s, the administrators try to optimize areas that are underutilized. Administrators chose Warner Middle School as the first facility for the new collaborative spaces. Particularly for this school, the new spaces would give students and staff additional working areas, empowering everyone to gather in new places.

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7 Ways Procurement Teams Can Impact Workplace Safety All Year Long

May 2, 2023 / by Lawson Products posted in Facilities & Infrastructure, First Aid & Safety Solutions, Safety Supplies, Local & State Government, MRO

June is National Safety Month and it's a special time for organizations to raise awareness of the importance of safety in the workplace and their communities. According to the National Safety Council, a worker in the U.S. is injured on the job every seven seconds. Of course, providing safe environments for workers and the public is all of our jobs all year long, but procurement teams can significantly influence safety-related issues and initiatives. In this blog, Lawson Products and OMNIA Partners offer 7 proactive tips procurement officials can take to keep employees safe year-round.

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Driving the Displaced: Transporting America's Homeless Students

May 2, 2023 / by EverDriven posted in Procurement, K-12 Education, Business Products & Solutions, Fleet, Parks & Recreation

For homeless students, their place of residence can change daily from a couch, to a campground, to a homeless shelter. With an environment that is constantly changing, school may not be a top priority. While getting an education can be life-changing for these students, getting them to and from school can often be difficult.

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How Specialty Equipment Can Increase Efficiency & Reduce Costs for Facility Managers

May 1, 2023 / by Network Distribution posted in Facilities & Infrastructure, Janitorial & Sanitation

As a facility manager or purchasing director, having the right equipment can make a big difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of your facilities cleaning regime.Network Distribution and OMNIA Partners provide insight on specialty equipment that can increase efficiency and reduce long-term costs so you can properly allocate important resources and employees' time effectively.

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4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Furniture-Buying Experience

April 27, 2023 / by HON posted in Furniture & Workspace Solutions, Cooperative Purchasing, Furniture & Installation

Buying office furniture can be a complicated process.

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Testing Hybrid Learning Space: 7 Key Takeaways

April 26, 2023 / by Steelcase posted in K-12 Education, Higher Education, Cooperative Purchasing

Hybrid learning in the classroom – like hybrid work at the office – is here to stay and will continue to grow. Through OMNIA Partners, Public Sector, Steelcaseprovides solutions for hybrid learning and workplace furniture solutions to support this growing need. According to a recent global Anthology/UNESCO study, students overwhelmingly support having a hybrid option at their university or college. In fact, many say they need it to remain in school and be successful. Although schools – both K-12 and higher education – were first pressed by the pandemic into adopting emergency virtual learning options, there is still a wide gap in understanding effective and versatile ways to make both remote and in-person connections equitable, engaging and easy-to-use for educators and learners alike.

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K-12 School Districts Utilize Cooperative Contract for Custom Seating

April 25, 2023 / by Irwin Seating Company posted in Cooperative Purchasing, Furniture & Installation

Gilbert School District prides themselves on educational opportunities and a wide variety of programs and extracurricular activities. From athletics and enrichment to gifted education and theatre, their spread of programs is impressive – so they also needed impressive facilities! These facilities also include some custom seating designed just for Gilbert USD.

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Procurement’s Vital Role in Emergency Planning

April 10, 2023 / by OMNIA Partners posted in Procurement, Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness, Cooperative Purchasing

Preparing for a disaster tomorrow begins with a plan today. Whether the emergency is as minor as water damage from a broken pipe or as significant as a large-scale disaster, procurement professionals who have a coordinated plan in place can lead the way to faster response and recovery.

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