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WATCH NOW: Esports in Education On-Demand Webinar

The billion-dollar esports industry provides opportunities for students to pursue careers in STEAM, develop soft skills and Social Emotional Learning (SEL), as well scholarship opportunities! By implementing an esports program, your K-12 or Higher-Education institution can create a culture of teamwork and inclusivity. 

What does it take for schools to begin their esports journey? How can Insight Public Sector and OMNIA Partners help provide a time and cost-savings approach when it comes to the procurement of esports products and services? Find out more by watching our on-demand webinar, presented by Joe McAllister - Senior Esports Business Development Manager at Insight Public Sector and former educator.

We are looking forward to speaking with you today about all your esports and technology needs!

Introducing Our Speaker

Headshot of Joe McAllister

Joe McAllister

Senior Esports Business Development Manager, Insight

Joe McAllister helps K–12 and higher education schools start and grow esports programs. As a former high school math teacher, Joe is passionate about student development and leveraging esports for their social and academic benefits. He has worked with over 500 schools on their esports programs, establishing his reputation as an industry expert.

Additional Resource: Esports in Education White Paper




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