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PUBLIC SAFETY: PURELL® Brand Solutions For Public Agencies

Serve and Protect with PURELL PEACE OF MIND™

GOJO Purell Public Safety

As a public safety agency, risk can often be an inherent part of the job, but don’t let it slow you and your personnel down. The PURELL® Vehicle Disinfection Program gives you and your staff the tools and information you need to keep your fleet disinfected and provide peace of mind to your personnel.

This turnkey program lets you showcase your commitment to serving your community with quality and integrity. The program includes:

  • PURELL® Hand Sanitizer and Surface Disinfecting Wipes
  • A process guide for employees to follow, for a seamless approach to vehicle disinfection.

Eliminate germs in vehicles while sending a clear signal to your officers and staff that you’re doing everything right to ensure a great experience. 

From disinfecting surfaces like touchscreens, steering wheels, and other items, to providing PURELL PERSONALS™ Hand Sanitizer Packets for officers and staff, your employees will know that their well-being is important to you.

To ensure your public safety agency has everything it needs, GOJO® has created a guide specifically for participants of OMNIA Partners, with tips, information, and checklists of everything you need to know about visible hygiene. 

GOJO® Guide to Visible Hygiene

For Public Safety Professionals

GOJO's Guide: Public Safety Agencies

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