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The City of Dallas Saves On Renewable Energy Products with Tradition Energy


Renewable Energy Products  

City of Dallas saves $80 million on renewable energy purchase using cooperative purchasing agreement through OMNIA Partners, Public Sector


  • The City of Dallas has a Green Energy Policy that states it will seek to sustain and promote renewable energy projects and partnerships that reduce emissions and environmental impacts for the benefit of Dallas residents and the region.
  • The City wanted to maintain its status as the most populous city in the United States using 100% renewable energy, and the second largest municipality on the EPA's Green Power Partnership Top 30 Local Government List.


  • Tradition's Dallas advisory team educated the City on the advantages of green energy produced by on-and off-site renewable energy projects, and advised them to look for opportunities beyond the purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs), which they had done in the past.
  • Tradition's dedicated Sourcing & Pricing Group solicited competitive bids from 12 Texas-based retail energy providers (REPs) who had the potential to meet the City's green energy requirements.
  • The Dallas advisory team negotiated a contract requirement that allowed for future on-and off-site renewable purchasing to ensure the energy supplier finalist would meet and exceed the City's goals.


  • The outcome of several months of contract negotiation resulted in numerous benefits for the City, including:
    • 26% budget reduction over the current agreement;
    • $3.66 million overall projected savings in the current fiscal year;
    • $7.85 million overall projected savings annually;
    • $1.5 million over the term for energy-related projects and initiatives and an additional $300,000 in community program support;
    • maintains the City's environmental leadership profile of using 100% green energy;
    • allows the City to pursue the development of new renewable energy generation of their own;
    • provides budget certainty for the next decade. 






The City of Dallas remains the most populous municipality in the U.S. to use 100% renewable energy, and reduces its electricity rate by 26%. 


Services Provided:
- Market Research & Intelligence 
- Strategic Risk Management
- Supply Management & Procurement: Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind)


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The City of Dallas was able to save on renewable energy products by piggybacking Tradition Energy's competitively-solicited and publicly-awarded cooperative contract, available through OMNIA Partners. For more info or to view full contract documentation, visit omniapartners.com/publicsector.

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