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ALC Schools Can Help Assess Your Needs For School Transportation


Getting Back-to-School with ALC Schools and OMNIA Partners


Have you had a chance to think about what Back-to-School will look like for your school district? It's time to assess if your needs have grown greater and ALC Schools can help. ALC Schools transports thousands of students to school every single day which includes routing, innovative technology, a field operations team and a student monitoring & tracking team. If you are not already working with ALC Schools, we can make it easy for you. The Region 4 ESC contract available through OMNIA Partners allows you to save time and resources and avoids going out to bid.


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ALC Schools was awarded a national cooperative contract by Region 4 ESC, which is made available through OMNIA Partners, Public Sector.
Contract #R190401 - Alternative Student/Customer Transportation
To learn more, Visit OMNIAPartners.com/PublicSector
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