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ACRO Helps the State of New Jersey Respond to Superstorm Sandy by Providing Staffing Services


Responding to Storm Devastation  

New Jersey

In the wake of the storm or the eye of the storm, the best hurricane response measures include staffing solutions

During the term of our contract with the State of New Jersey, New Jersey was hit by a devastating weather event, Superstorm Sandy. Much of the state was declared a disaster area and received federal funds to rebuild the affected areas. 

Staffing solutions can help jumpstart recovery

The state needed many temporary staffing suppliers to identify much-needed personnel, yet in non-traditional temporary positions such as: 

  • Historical archaeologist
  • Water bio analysts
  • Building inspectors
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Many other unusual job titles

Acro responded quickly to Superstorm Sandy. We provided specialty and expert services to address the state’s unique needs.

In the wake of the storm, our measures helped the state and showed how staffing solutions: 

  • Provide quality talent quickly
  • Alleviate administrative burden
  • Fill unique and hard-to-fill roles


Hurricane Sandy

Post Hurricane Sandy - November 2012

Acro vs. Traditional Contracts

Traditional temporary services contracts have many suppliers, and as a result, many processes, contracts, contacts, invoices, and the list goes on. In the wake of a disaster, you need to get things done right and eliminate extra work, in a simple, streamlined, uncomplicated process. That’s where Acro’s solution comes into play. 

Acro’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution streamlines contingent workforce management through a single point of contact for all your temporary personnel services. With Acro’s MSP program, you get the best of both worlds — the advantage of a single point of contact, and the resources of many suppliers.

Acro’s solution brings quality candidates, quickly and efficiently

And, as part of our OMNIA Partners program, these resources are available to you today — so you don’t need to select suppliers through a costly and time-consuming competitive RFP process and sign additional contracts.  

Benefits of an MSP with Acro

We can provide the volume and quality of temporary staffing talent when you need it most, so you can focus on rebuilding your community. The key benefit is the consolidation of services with a dedicated team who can effectively respond to your needs. Streamlining of services occurs on all fronts and is expertly orchestrated for your benefit by our expert government team.

Consolidated management of multiple staffing agencies 

Acro serves as your single point of contact, backed by a network of suppliers. In the wake of the storm, individuals and businesses may not be available as they focus on their recovery efforts. We make every effort to put local people to work for you through local suppliers.

This works so well because we can also supplement the individuals your community needs through our broad network of suppliers — in locations not affected by the storm — to step in and help.

For example, with Hurricane Sandy, we ramped from 300 to 1,100 to 1,300 temporary staff to support the state’s rebuilding efforts. We had 40-50 suppliers helping us with the storm, but the state only received one bill, because they worked with one managed service provider, Acro, for all temporary resources. With Acro, the state could focus on what really mattered in the community, while we managed their temporary workforce and all suppliers.

Consolidated status, invoicing and reporting 

Gone are the days of cutting multiple checks and tracking down contracts with a variety of suppliers. Acro offers agencies one invoice and fully auditable reporting on more than 2,000 points of data through our MSP program. Our standard reports are available digitally, are easy to use and require little to no setup on your part to begin to benefit from insight into all aspects of your program.

You can view the status through our virtually always-available, highly ranked and user-friendly, cloud-based application — from job orders to candidate reviews, to onboarding and required documentation.

Full use of a qualified resource center

We’ve seen so much success with this model because we’ve lived and breathed it from our dedicated MSP Resource Center. By choosing Acro, you will work with the same team who dealt with Hurricane Sandy, consisting of nine dedicated professionals who specialize in government needs and have an average of nine years of experience in staffing.

Stay local, support local

Our #1 goal is to stay local to our customers and support local businesses in your marketplace. We’ve found that the best way to do that is to offer opportunities for those who are ready to work, and supplement staff to allow others, who are not yet ready to work, to focus on their community and individual needs. That’s why we leverage our broader network of suppliers not affected by the storm to step in and help. 

Temporary positions are finite, but the process takes years to rebuild, and you need the qualified professionals on hand quickly in a variety of non-traditional skills. Once the recovery effort is over and the temporary work is no longer needed, temporary personnel who have relocated will rejoin their communities, or stay and grow your community in other positions through our talent retention program.

Find the experts you need

We will use our experience recruiting everything from building inspectors to amusement park directors to help you handle your staff shortfall. Here’s how we find these incredible staff:

  • Universities guide us in specialized areas where niche knowledge is essential, such as environmental planning, sociology, history and archaeology
  • State certification bodies provide lists of professionals certified in your area — for example, building inspectors

Our network of suppliers has incredible outreach to all these areas and more.

Acro’s resources provide housing and relocation assistance as needed. Local teams based in your agency’s offices, building locations and out in the field administer our people, our program and your success.

Let XRM do the work for you

Acro’s own vendor management system, XRM, makes this process fast and easy for you. Acro’s MSP Resource Center assists our customers to identify requirements for the type of temporary staff they need and then submit a request for these requirements. Through XRM, we distribute your request to multiple staffing agencies at the same time.

To save you time, we have pre-qualified these agencies to fill your required positions.  

As our response to the Sandy Storm demonstrates, Acro’s supplier database can manage any unique request effectively. Acro’s MSP Resource Center works with our supplier management group to find specialty suppliers and fill unique requests quickly. 

XRM sends all submitted candidates for you to view in one place. Unlike the traditional process of group emails, there’s no need to struggle to piece together unconnected emails from various services. Acro’s MSP solution reduces your administrative burden and brings you quality candidates — quickly and efficiently. 

Rapid Response and Rebuilding

Based on our experience, there are a number of events to plan during the rapid response to victims of the storm. These require an immediate response from a sympathetic representative who is located near you and dedicated to providing relief.

Once the rebuilding begins, present staff such as building inspectors may be overwhelmed with the volume of time sensitive needs. You may:

  • Require additional support
  • Have special state certification requirements
  • Need a partner who can help you be there for hurricane victims and begin the recovery and rebuilding process

Acro staffing solutions

After a disaster, Acro knows how to get up and running. With our vast network of local and national resources and suppliers, we can help you tap into the temporary talent you need, as soon as you need it. Our streamlined MSP solution eliminates issues with multiple staffing providers, and saves you money. 

We provide people across administrative, professional, and safety related categories, as well as specific disaster-related temporary personnel needed. Our vast government experience helps you stay within budgets and reporting requirements, even while utilizing disaster-related federal and local funding sources.

The sooner we get started the better. This contract is already in place, ready for you to use. Contact Acro today and let our experts work with your experts to rebuild.

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