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ACRO Helps the State of Iowa Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic by Providing Staffing Services


Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic


Amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, OMNIA Partners has been working alongside our supplier partners, like Acro, in addressing the evolving needs during this time.

We know public agencies are working tirelessly to address their community needs and we will continue to identify resources from our suppliers to support your efforts. Acro currently holds a Staffing Services and Related Services and Solutions contract that has been competitively solicited and publicly awarded by Maricopa County, AZ. Acro is able to meet your needs whether you need traditional staffing or an MSP program.

Staffing solutions can help jumpstart recovery

Two Departments with the State of Iowa were looking to fill medical positions quickly due to the current Coronavirus pandemic; the Department of Health and the Department of Corrections. As a participant of OMNIA Partners, Public Sector they were able to utilize the staffing services and related services and solutions contract with Acro Service Corporation.

Needing a large amount of positions filled quickly, Acro understands how important it is to leverage the people in your community. While other providers recruit from far away locations, Acro focuses on your local area and fills most positions utilizing the people near you. In most cases, we can also maintain many of the same suppliers you use today if that is important to you. Only when a position is hard to fill does Acro utilize its national network of talent.


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Department of Health

Acro is working with Purchasing and the Chief of the Bureau of Emergency and Trauma to provide a team of nurses deployed to outdoor COVID19 testing sites statewide. The total number of nurses currently required is 150, with teams of 3 and 4 manning these sites. The Nurses are to work 8- 11.5 hours/day, covering each site from open to close.

As a participant of OMNIA Partners, Public Sector the Department of Health was able to utilize Acro's services without needing to select suppliers through a costly and time-consuming competitive RFP process and sign additional contracts.

Acro’s solution brought the Department of Health quality candidates, quickly and efficiently. From when the request came in to when the first group of nurses was deployed only took Acro two weeks! Nurses were recruited and submitted by Acro suppliers, and vetted based on experience, then trained and fitted for PPE before being deployed by the state. Acro is continuing to work closely with the IA contacts to manage communication to the nurses' suppliers (employers), timesheets, and on-going recruitment as needed.

Department of Corrections

The Department of Corrections is utilizing Acro's services to fill multiple positions for which their suppliers are currently recruiting. They are looking to fill positions for physicians, physician administrator, psychologists, and psychology administrators. Acro has already been able to fill one of these positions, and candidates are being reviewed for the rest of the positions.

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